Jeep Wave Loyalty Program

At Manitoulin Chrysler, we know you love your Jeep!
Jeep Wave® is a premium loyalty program that offers eligible Jeep® owners dedicated care, support, exciting benefits, and cool perks - all at no additional cost. Jeep Wave was created to bring owners the best care and support 24/7. To learn more about this exciting new program, contact a member of our sales team at Manitoulin Chrysler.
What Benefits Are Included in the Jeep Wave Program?
The Jeep Wave program is bringing a VIP experience to you. The Jeep Wave loyalty benefits include:
  1. Up to 6 Oil Changes and Tire Rotations - to help keep your Jeep running optimally, never miss a complimentary service appointment that comes alongside your Jeep Wave Membership.
  2. Dedicated Call Centre Support - We love our Jeep owners, which is why you can expect elite customer service from your dedicated support line staff.
  3. Trip Interruption - Travel confidently knowing that if your vehicle breaks down on the road, Jeep has your back with trip interruption protection.
  4. First-Day Rental - Your Jeep Wave membership will contribute towards a rental if your vehicle must be kept overnight at an FCA Canada retailer for repairs.
  5. VIP Treatment at select Jeep Events - as a bonus, Jeep Wave members can expect more at participating Jeep Events.
Which Vehicles Are Included in The Program?
  • 2023 Grand Cherokee L
  • 2023 Grand Cherokee
  • 2023 Grand Cherokee 4XE
  • 2023 Wrangler
  • 2023 Wrangler 4XE
  • 2023 Gladiator
Where Can I Obtain Maintenance Work?
To make the most out of your Jeep Wave membership, ensure you schedule oil changes and tire rotations regularly. Your three-year membership includes up to 6 oil changes and tire rotations. To use this perk, schedule maintenance at any Canadian-authorized FCA Canada Inc. dealer.